Jennifer Lopez Shows Abs After Diet In Photo


Jennifer Lopez is known for never aging. In fact, it’s safe to say that she’s looked the same for over twenty years. Now, the secret might just be out on how Jennifer keeps her youth and does it so well.

Everyone knows, or should know, that clearly Jennifer Lopez works out. She’s toned, she’s strong, and she is in great shape for any age. How does she do it, though? Many have asked this question and have only been able to guess at it until now.

Recently, it was let out that Jennifer Lopez follows and insanely strict protocol when it comes to her diet regimen, her exercise routine, and her sleep schedule.

As reported by Daily Mail, Jennifer once revealed that she eats roughly 1,400 calories a day, which sometimes leaves her ‘starving’ between meals. But she said she combats her ‘cravings’ by trying to focus on foods that are high in protein.

Along with this, it’s been stated that she has a ‘very well thought out’ meal plan – and makes sure to only eat ‘clean, organic, and unprocessed’ foods, while restricting herself from all caffeine and alcohol.

She also has a ‘very, very, very intense’ training routine including many cardio workouts along with full body.

When it comes to sleep, she ensures to get seven to nine hours of sleep per night as well.