Jim Carrey Was Spotted With Metal Icon At Hotel


Actor and comedian Jim Carrey recently joined in for an interview with Kevin McCarthy, a film critic and entertainment reporter for Washington D.C.’s Fox 5, who has been on the press junket for the second “Sonic The Hedgehog” film. The actor reflected on the first time he was exposed to the music of the legendary heavy metal band Pantera.

During the interview, Carrey opened up about the experience of listening to Pantera. He recalled the first time he heard the band was when he was driving down to San Diego to do a concert at a theater. He then revealed how it was an awkward moment when he saw the band the same hotel he had checked in for the show.

He said: “The first time I ever heard Pantera, I was driving down to San Diego to do a concert at a theater and to check in to a hotel. And me and my manager, Jim Miller at the time, we put Pantera on. And I had never heard anything like it. And it hit me on such a level of, like, extreme stimulation that I just started laughing uncontrollably for the entire track. Just like nervously laughing, like, ‘What is happening right now?’ And then we went to check in to the hotel, and the guys behind us in the line checking in to the hotel were Pantera. We turned around and we went, like, ‘Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?’ This is too weird, man.”

Carrey also talked about the artists that he likes to listen to when he is at home. Here is what he said: “When I get up in the morning, my musical taste is so all over the spectrum, it’s crazy. I can go [jazz pianist] Count Basie one day, I can go rap another day and then I can go… Most mornings I’ll wake up and grab my coffee, sit on the back porch and listen to Gregorian chants. Because it brings the birds to life, it brings the whole world to life, and suddenly I feel like I’m not just in the body but I’m the whole yard.”

“And if I get into a certain mood, if I need to get chaotic or crazy sometimes, something like a Pantera which challenges the world on a masculine, in-your-face level. Or ‘Breed’ by Nirvana. ‘Breed’ is one of the greatest, unsung, really… It’s kind of an unsung piece; it’s overshadowed by other hits they had. But ‘Breed’ is one of the most kick-ass tracks ever in history. It’s wonderful.”