AC/DC Fan Drops Angus Young Letter Bombshell


While one AC/DC tour bombshell was recently revealed, during the latest edition of AC/DC Beyond The Thunder, one AC/DC superfan, Filippo Olivieri made quite the revelation of his own. The Italian would document his account of trying to perfect the most authentic-sounding version of the popular AC/DC hit – ‘Back in Black’ possible. For this, Olivieri would go to great lengths including buying the same equipment used by Angus Young. However, according to Olivieri, something was missing.

In addition, Olivieri would buy an antiquated and since discontinued device used by Young called the Schaffer-Vega Diversity System to truly achieve the sound needed. After showcasing himself duplicating several beloved AC/DC hits on YouTube, Olivieri would write a letter to Young himself and was invited to play next to the hard rock icon.

Olivieri would recall: “I’m next to my hero, I don’t know what to say. I was ready to be blown away, it’s got to be a magic guitar, my hero only uses magic stuff,” he thought, “No, he uses regular guitars and regular strings!”

Olivieri would then present the AC/DC co-founder with The Schaffer Replica GT #001. This was a guitar that was played during all future AC/DC records as well as live concert tours.

In other news concerning AC/DC, during an interview that was conducted with Rolling Stone back in January of last year, group co-found and lead guitarist, Angus Young would discuss how AC/DC’s signature sound was established. Credit to the outlet for the below

“Through the years, Malcolm [Young] and myself would come up with our own ideas and then the two of us would sit and go through them and be the critic of each other. There was no use for me ever coming in with song ideas that were not what we thought was AC/DC. So it wasn’t like we would come in with jazz or blues jams. You came in with what you felt were good ideas that were going to work with AC/DC. So that was always the guide for us.”

He continued: “It’s always been that from the beginning. We know the style. We know what we’re looking for, so when people hear it, they go, “Well, that is them. They have their own stamp on who they are.”