Jimmy Chamberlin Reveals ‘Deciding Factor’ In D’arcy & Melissa Not Rejoining Smashing Pumpkins


Jimmy Chamberlin discussed Jack Bates playing bass on the Shiny and Oh So Bright tour instead of D’arcy Wretzky and Melissa auf der Maur in a new NME interview.

D’Arcy’s absence has been pretty thoroughly explained. Was there ever a conversation to have Melissa Auf Der Maur involved or was it always going to be Jack Bates on bass?

“No, it was always going to be Jack. He’s a great musician and that was the deciding factor. Jack played with Billy and Jeff on the Manson tour. He’s entrenched in the band and knows the songs. The way that Jack plays is very reminiscent of the way that Billy played bass on a lot of the early Pumpkins stuff because he and James were really big Joy Division and New Order fans. A lot of those bass parts were mimicking Peter’s playing.

“To have Jack, who’s obviously genetically linked to Peter, there’s a real strange uncanniness to it. I mean it in the best possible way. Jack just gets how to play that stuff, which you can only get from being Peter Hook’s son! You don’t think about it until you’re on stage, then I’m like ‘Holy cow, this sounds so good. It sounds so right’. He’s a young man but his ability and perception is well beyond his years. We just played with Peter at our 30th anniversary show. We played a couple of Joy Division and New Order songs and it was amazing. He’s obviously a legend but also one of my all-time favourite people and bassists.”

  • Stone Gossardish

    Sounds pretty clear like the split was the deciding factor. Sounds like D’arcy, and feel free to comment here if you wish, had an understanding with the others that they would not agree to anything less than a 4-way split. Billy came back with other numbers, something like 28-24-24-24, presumably with expenses coming out equally, and one or two of them caved, she did not.

    The split discussion came out on the Stern Show, and more so on the Wrap Up Show there. If that’s off, let’s hear about it. Otherwise, Jimmy sounds like he’s just on the cover effort.

  • Todd Isler

    Number one, it’s NOT a “reunion” tour without all the original members; it’s nothing but a cash grab anchored by fans suckered in by a false sense of nostalgia (Without Darcy you’re waxing nostalgic about a band that never existed) and number two, “Blah blah blah Darcy Billy”; enough already; they were just lucky (briefly) 25 years ago and they’re irrelevant today.