Tom Morello Reveals If He Enjoyed Rage Against The Machine Reunion Show


How did you feel about getting the Xmas No 1 in the UK?

“The Christmas No 1 was a spectacular example of People Power. While the band had very little to do with the dethroning of Simon Cowell’s X Factor sugar-shit, it was a movement of the fans that made it happen. The subsequent free show that we performed at Finsbury Park was the single greatest night in the history of RATM and I will remember it forever.”

How complicated was it to make those guitar sounds back in 91/92? Has technology made it easier now?

“When I decided I was the DJ in RATM, I began practising in a very non-traditional way. I would try to recreate sounds in my environment. From vacuum cleaners to helicopters to trips to the zoo, there was no sound that was ruled out in providing inspiration. And by attempting to cop the sound of a blender or a rhinoceros, it made me think of a guitar in a very different way. The electric guitar is a relatively new instrument on the planet and merely consists of a piece of woods, six wires and a few electronics, that can be manipulated in a myriad of ways, to create tonal stock that can be the building blocks of songs in a very non-traditional way. I have ignored all new technology. And continue to rely on the same grubby effects pedals I had in 1992, and my imagination, and innate stubbornness and creativity.

On all of the RATM records, we wrote ‘all sounds made by guitars, bass and drums’, because you might mistake the curious noises therein for sampling, sequencing or DJ scratching. And it’s been a badge of pride to continue that tradition of seeking out non-traditional sounds to make kick-ass rock’n’roll.”