Jimmy Eat World Member Gave Foo Fighters ‘Disgusting’ Gift


Foo Fighters members Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins discussed getting bootleg booze from Jimmy Eat World in a new 95.5 KLOS interview. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments. While Grohl called the booze disgusting, he seemed to end up liking it.

Taylor Hawkins: Remember when the dude from Jimmy Eat World was making his own whiskey and you would like, you had a road case of it.

Dave Grohl: So the guy, the bass player of Jimmy Eat World- Nate is his name- wait that’s our bass player…Rick! That’s his name. I think he had a car he was trying to make bio diesel fuel and he was was eventually like “screw this” and he used the same equipment to make booze. He starts in his garage, so he starts distilling his own stuff. So while we were making that record Wasting Light, Butch Vig was producing who also produced Jimmy Eat World so he sends out a bottle of his own stuff and we’re like “yay”. We open it and it’s like, it was…disgusting. It was like, it was like southern comfort on like, crack. So thick and sweet and strong.

So then we play with them at a festival not long after that and he’s like, “Hey. I brought you another bottle of the stuff”.

And I was like, “Oh, good”.

And so I opened it up and took a sip and it was amazing. I was like woah. So then I let Pat have some. I’m like, “What’d you think?” He’s like, “that’s pretty good”. So just to make sure- we drank the entire bottle. It’s like Czechoslovakia. Had the best show ever and I went to him then like, “i need a case of this stuff”.