Paul McCartney Family Makes Cancer Announcement


Paul McCartney‘s daughter Stella recently launched a The Beatles inspired ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE fashion line, and she has announced how she is avoiding cancer risks with the creation of the materials. Paul McCartney recently revealed if Ringo Starr sucks as a drummer.

Stella told Guardian, “Look at that fucking Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band bag for kids, how cool is that?”

She said about the inspiration, “Just a little one, but it was literally like all of the Beatles’ children and grandchildren there.” Influenced by the kids’ enjoyment of the film, she says she saw it through completely fresh eyes. “It just hit me really hard. I went far too deep into all the meanings. Even the line ‘All together now’ – I thought, that is so incredible that these four kids from Liverpool, at such a young age, came up with something so inclusive, which feels very contemporary to everything that we’re talking about today, in the now. I came away feeling really inspired, like I had to do something with it.”

She also announced that she is making sure there aren’t any cancer risks in the chemical production of the material.

“It’s my intention to stand shoulder to shoulder with the conventional houses and show that you can actually be respectful in your supply chain and manufacture.”

She’s created alternatives not just to leather and fur, but also to all sorts of other materials, such as PVC, because its chemical production is so harmful, “and they say it’s cancerous to the people who work with it, and then the residue runs into the rivers because the factories are built on rivers.”

Robert Plant recently made a sad claim about Paul McCartney’s wife. McCartney announced in a recent newsletter:

June saw us celebrate the anniversary of one of Paul’s most intimate shows. Paul took Los Angeles by surprise 12 years ago at Hollywood’s famous Amoeba Music and if you weren’t one of the lucky few who happened to be there, you can now listen to the newly remixed live recordings of ‘Drive My Car’, ‘Nod Your Head’ and ‘Calico Skies ahead of Amoeba Gig’s full release on 12th July.

Paul announced this month that Linda McCartney’s album Wide Prairie will be reissued for the first time on vinyl since its original 1998 release on August 2nd. Coinciding with the first UK showing of the Linda McCartney Retrospective, the limited edition colour vinyl LP pressing will be available exclusively for one month prior to the album’s general release at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow from 5th July.