Jimmy Page Rejects Stunning Led Zeppelin Woodstock Offer


Jimmy Page revealed why he and Led Zeppelin rejected a major Woodstock offer in a new social media post. Page called a rock icon ‘punk last week after an onstage freakout.

“On this day in 1969, I played The HemisFair Arena, San Antonio with Led Zeppelin. This day celebrates the first day at Woodstock. There has been lots of speculation as to why Zeppelin did not play this iconic festival. Although we were aware of the event being put together, we were already contracted to a series of dates. In fact, today in 1969, we played in San Antonio, Texas – making music, making love to their women and drinking their tequila!”

Before all hope for the Woodstock 50th anniversary festival fell apart, it was reported a few months ago that promoter Michael Lang attempted to book a Led Zeppelin reunion before settling on Robert Plant and Greta Van Fleet. The festival was officially canceled a couple of weeks ago after months of issues with locations and funding.

Jimmy Page has largely retired from the music business in recent years, though he did do on and off reunions with Robert Plant from 1985 to 2007, including a few one off Led Zeppelin performances. Robert Plant revealed why he had a ‘thrilling’ reunion with Jimmy Page in a recent episode of his podcast.