Brian Johnson Surprising AC/DC Haircut Photo Leaks


A new photo of AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson with a shorter haircut as surfaced as rumors run rampant that an AC/DC member has been replaced by a classic icon, after a surprising airport photo surfaced a few days ago.

luscombestephen wrote on Instagram, “Always a pleasure to have this legend in house #brianjohnson #musiclegends #palma #mallorca #abc #henley.”

Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, and Phil Rudd are rumored to rejoin Angus Young and Stevie Young for a new AC/DC album and tour. AC/DC have been quiet in recent days after several ‘Highway to Hell’ 40th anniversary posts on social media. RNRDamnation posted on, “They had to start with a simple yet effective marketing campaign to kickstart the hype. Get everyone remembering Highway To Hell, then put all your music online so people start listening to your catalog again with ease, then BOOM!

Hit the fans with either a straight up single release, or a pic/video showing there is new music ahead. That will get everyone listening to their music again and by the time they release any single or album the hype will be in full force.”

AC/DC were spotted recording new music in Vancouver last year, which kickstarted rumors that Brian Johnson was back in the band to replace Axl Rose, but despite heavy rumors this year, the band have remained quiet about rumored AC/DC 2020 tour dates, though a family member did recently comment on rumors.