Joe Rogan Drops Steven Tyler Drug Bombshell


Joe Rogan was discussing Johnny Depp’s issues with drugs on a new podcast, and how love can get twisted by darkness and drugs. He also discussed painkillers, and Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler recently relapsing and going to rehab. He said Steven Tyler was ‘getting whacked out on pain meds.’

Kathy Griffin has been a bit outside of the limelight for some time now, but that hasn’t stopped her from voicing her opinions when it comes time for what’s current in pop-culture. During the Donald Trump presidency, Griffin also came out of hiding to show herself off in a photo while holding a fake version of Donald’s Trumps head to send out her own message.

Even though times have changed, Kathy Griffin still makes sure that the media sees her shadow when there is a new buzzword.

During a recent talk with CNN, Kathy Griffin admitted that she is ‘disgusted’ by Johnny Depp and she sides with Amber Heard when it comes to the court case that has just closed. The court case saw Johnny Depp as the absolute winner of the case awarding him the majority of the money, but Amber Heard was also awarded some money as well.

Griffin, while saying she believed Amber Heard said: “I just think Depp is gross. Do you know what I find funny? These Johnny Depp stans that are talking about this trial and yet they refuse to show pictures of what he looks like now, which is a big orange fat bloated boozebag. He looks like Donald Trump with a ponytail. And so they keep sticking up for him and being like, ‘Amber is taking down Johnny! He’s so gorgeous and dreamy!’ I’m like, okay, he talks like Kanye when Kanye had his jaw wired. He has a fake accent like when Madonna turned British. So, you know, who are we kidding here?”

CNN analyst, Brian Karem agreed with Kathy Griffin on her stance of Johnny Depp’s ‘fake’ accent. Brian said that there’s no way anyone from Kentucky could sound like Johnny Depp.

All this to say that Johnny Depp has not lived in Kentucky for about half a lifetime at this point.