Joe Rogan Real Spotify Paycheck Is Not $100 Million


Joe Rogan has been getting hate from all sides for the last few weeks. The hate initially started from everyday people when Joe Rogan started on his Covid cure journey which saw him taking concoctions of just about anything like medicine for horses to get rid of his Covid. Joe did get rid of the Covid, but with him talking about alternative medicines – it did get many fired up. From there, Joe Rogan brought people on his show that were also of a similar mindset of his which really saw everyone going off of the deep end to put a stop to not only Joe Rogan, but his show as well.

The biggest supporter of such a movement is Neil Young who told Spotify that he wanted his music off of the platform if they wouldn’t ban Joe Rogan. Spotify hastily took Young’s music off of the platform while other artists joined in. Now, we see artists still mimicking Neil Young’s idea since Eve 6 have just done so with the release of their new record available on Apple Music. Eve 6 stated: “Check out our new single on apple music which doesn’t pay artists enough but pays more than spotify and didn’t give 300 million dollars to joe rogan. happy eve of the 6th.”

Then, the band stated that they have totally been pulling their music off of Spotify with their own motives: “We are pulling everything that we can off spotify. our current label cut our advance IN HALF because of this. don’t tell us we’re not making sacrifices. we’re doing this for all artists including the self centered nihilistic “apolitical” ones.”

Eve 6 then said that they would make sacrifices for other artists, but in the same breath, made it seem like they are only in it for their own money as they want other artists to look ‘cringe’ for sharing Spotify links: “Here’s the thing. if we can make sacrifices right now. if we can make it gauche, cringe as fu** so to speak, for artists to share spotify links we can continue to hurt this company. and by hurting this company we can get them to PAY US FAIRLY FOR OUR WORK.”

Fair pay is needed in the industry, but making other artists pay for that in other ways is ‘cringe as f***.’