Joe Rogan Reveals What Really Led To Chris Cornell’s Death: ‘It’s A Big One’


Joe Rogan recently discussed Anthony Bourdan’s death with comedian Tom Papa, and he blamed the anti-anxiety drug Ativan in part for Chris Cornell’s death.

Tom Papa: Do you know if [Anthony Bourdain] was on a prescription for depression?

Joe Rogan: I do not.

Tom: That’s what I’m so suspicious of, like when you heard of Robin Williams.

Joe: Chris Cornell, he was on anti-anxiety medication. Anti-anxiety medication is a big one.

Tom: That stuff, in their long list of side effects, it’s always suicidal thoughts.

Joe: Suicide, yeah.

Tom: Then if you mix it with other things, alcohol, and I don’t know who was on what, but what bothers me is it is not part of the conversation.

Joe: Who knows, I don’t know what was going on, and there’s no way to ask him obviously. When I travel, one of the first things whether I’m coming home or going out is working out, and I didn’t this weekend. Friday when I got there, I worked out Thursday, so I ran that day, then I got there Thursday night, woke up Friday to that text, and I was just like fuck man.

I didn’t want to do anything, I cried. I felt like shit, I got a bunch of phone calls from friends, and then I had two shows that night. I’ve just got to get on the horse, fire up.

  • makingconnections

    Another disgusting article.

    For the record Brett, to bring some relevance to your work, it’s time to at least use Google to check the information you put forward.

    Robin Williams died, yes. His autopsy revealed that besides having Parkinson’s Disease, a cruel illness if there ever was one, he also had Lewy Body Disease. (LBD) It is a form of Dementia and it too has many horrible symptoms, like severe anxiety attacks, delusions and on and on. The man deserves to be spoken of with the utmost respect at this point.

    Also, the ongoing Ativan discussion is so simplistic. No one knows what these celebrities who have died were going through but every week you round up someone else to judge them. What a waste of an opportunity to have a really good music site, if you are capable of raising the bar.

    • Kay B

      I wasn’t sure what Robin had to do with this article.

      • makingconnections

        Prescriptions medication, “”well like that’s what I was so suspicious of..”.just another celebrity to gossip about in this case.

    • James Ross

      I hope that you know that there is a drug that causes most of the se problems that Robin had. It is a statin drug. Yes that’s right causes 200 side effects and MD’s will give you a new med for each one.

  • Olga Stewart

    Yet another person spreading the lie about how Chris passed away.

    Thanks Joe. :(.

    • Kay B

      Joe is an idiot and always has been. He is a useless prick.

      • Olga Stewart

        You’ll get no argument from me about that.

      • Chris Portugal

        Joe don’t know poop… And lol, this guy Brett Buchanan. There’s this funny youtuber named Achillis6 who has a fitting nickname for Brett the punk a$$ shill B. LOL

  • JangleAtmo

    Alex Jones: “Was Robin Williams on Suicide Pills?”…

    • makingconnections

      Why bring us this self-righteous, judgemental creep when you know that Robin Williams was a very ill man for many years. He’s probably one of the most courageous people around, Robin Williams, to have coped with two awful diseases and all the while feeling like he’d brought his problems on himself. That is very, very sad.

      • Olga Stewart

        I’ve come to realize that both empathy and compassion on this site are sorely lacking.

        • makingconnections

          Some people are becoming cold hearted aren’t they? I never thought we’d see the day where immigrants and refugees would have their little children torn from them and put in camps, some of them tent cities…terrible heat is coming. This doesn’t even happen in the Middle East! I don’t see it as just a problem of a leader any longer, it’s that the leader has supporters than is frightening.
          For me, this guy on “Info Wars” is part of the same insanity.

          • Olga Stewart

            The world is getting both colder and harsher. And that will only lead to ruin.

            History has proven this over and over.

            So unless people start looking out for each other, then many are going to be adrift and alone.

  • Masha Faigie

    My father is dead. He hanged himself in 2015. He was taking Ativan for anxiety, as was Chris Cornell. In light of Cornell’s suicide, also by hanging, I feel a duty to share my father’s suicide note. I am not savvy at social media, so if this letter speaks to you, please share it.
    Suicide Note of Rossini Angelini (a pseudonym) , April 2015
    “I would like to report a murder. There is a murder being planned. The name of the murderer; I know the name. Pretended to be a friend. I took him in. But I was betrayed.
    “I love living”, I told him. But he put me in the back seat of my own life. He took control. Slowly he took over altogether and put me in the trunk of my life. And then, when I could do nothing to prevent my own demise, he did it. His name is Ativan (also Lorazepam) and he is dangerous. Careful with him. He is a sneak.
    The important thing to remember is that this was a murder. I had zero choice in this decision. All I could do was delay it.
    There is never a convenient time (to die), but I needed to exercise some control over Mr. Ativan. He is very arrogant and a smooth talker. His arguments are quite persuasive. “No sense in suffering, etc. etc.” he says. But I struggled.
    I have no illusions about this. I want desperately to remain and watch the events of the world unfold and enjoy the years ahead. That’s what I want. But you don’t alway get what you want. That’s life.”

    • makingconnections

      I am very, very sorry for your loss. I know what it means to lose a father. I don’t know what it would be like to be left a note like this, but it would be convincing, that’s for certain.

      Personally, from my experience with those that are struggling with mental illness, they could substitute many other words for “Ativan”– an anti-depressant, of which there are many, many anti-psychotic drugs, lithium, one of so many of drugs that physicians prescribe to try to help people to heal. Alcohol could be a word as well.

    • Tony Manley

      I’m very sorry for the lose of your Father.