Joe Rogan Reveals What Really Led To Chris Cornell’s Death: ‘It’s A Big One’


Joe Rogan recently discussed Anthony Bourdan’s death with comedian Tom Papa, and he blamed the anti-anxiety drug Ativan in part for Chris Cornell’s death.

Tom Papa: Do you know if [Anthony Bourdain] was on a prescription for depression?

Joe Rogan: I do not.

Tom: That’s what I’m so suspicious of, like when you heard of Robin Williams.

Joe: Chris Cornell, he was on anti-anxiety medication. Anti-anxiety medication is a big one.

Tom: That stuff, in their long list of side effects, it’s always suicidal thoughts.

Joe: Suicide, yeah.

Tom: Then if you mix it with other things, alcohol, and I don’t know who was on what, but what bothers me is it is not part of the conversation.

Joe: Who knows, I don’t know what was going on, and there’s no way to ask him obviously. When I travel, one of the first things whether I’m coming home or going out is working out, and I didn’t this weekend. Friday when I got there, I worked out Thursday, so I ran that day, then I got there Thursday night, woke up Friday to that text, and I was just like fuck man.

I didn’t want to do anything, I cried. I felt like shit, I got a bunch of phone calls from friends, and then I had two shows that night. I’ve just got to get on the horse, fire up.