John Frusciante Unloads On Red Hot Chili Peppers Firing


John Frusciante returning to Red Hot Chili Peppers is apparently not an overnight decision, as a fansite is claiming Frusciante met with his former guitar tech Dave Lee on November 13th, over a month ago, asking to have his strats ready as he prepared for Josh Klinghoffer’s firing and his own return. A fan page called reported Lee said, “No wonder [he came back], because he asked me to check his Strat to be ready when I saw him a few weeks ago.”

Josh Klinghoffer messaged fans about his RHCP departure a few days ago. This was just over 10 days after Josh Klinghoffer’s last show with the Chili Peppers in Los Angeles in early November. As of now, Lee is not set to return to his old role working with John, as he is now Adam Levine’s guitar tech.

Frusciante discussed playing different guitars like Yamaha SGs in a March 2014 Premier Guitar interview, “[Yamaha] SG is very similar to Les Paul – she has a similar sound and responds to her hands in a similar way. It was an opportunity to change my style. I was looking for a way to take a new approach to the guitar , and at some point I thought about not using picks. But the problem with that would be that I couldn’t play along with records because only two guitarists I like play without a pick.”

BluePilotPen commented on Reddit, “Wait so John doesn’t even have his Strats at his house? Interesting. Glad they’re verified by ole reliable Dave Lee.”

Freakapotamous said, “I can’t wait to hear those strats crying again. I missed that so much. Johnny boy has always had a unique tone which can be recognise within seconds. I cant belive its happening!” System of a Down made a heartbreaking claim after John Frusciante rejoined Red Hot Chili Peppers.