Rush Confirm Neil Peart Surprise 2019 Appearance


Rush took to social media via IG story on Instagram to reveal that their band documentary ‘Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage’ was named one of the ten best music documentaries of the decade. In addition, the group shared that Neil Peart shares a quick cameo in the number two ranked documentary: ‘Ginger Baker: Beware of Mr. Baker.’ Rush singer Geddy Lee ‘ready’ for return with new drummer.

Fans can’t stop talking about the aforementioned ‘Beyond The Lighted Stage’ documentary as it continues to get rave reviews to this day. One fan reviewer noted: “Even if you’re someone who feels, genuinely, that they don’t like Rush, this documentary may dispel that feeling. I just got done watching this and, though I have been a Rush fan since hearing the first notes of “The Spirit of Radio”, this documentary really opened up a whole new world of appreciation for the band.”

Geddy Lee reveals disturbing Rush bandmate demand. The fan continued: “I read Neil Peart’s books long before seeing this documentary, with “Ghost Rider” specifically resonating with me insofar as the need to ride as a way to clear my head and deal with difficult situations, but also being able to cope with, and come to grips with, the loss of a loved one. This film, beyond that, truly invoked a new appreciation for Rush, for all they have done, and all they will create and achieve in the years to come. This is a documentary worth watching, if for no other reason than for your love of music itself.”

While another fan wrote: “It would help to know a little of Rush’s music and some of their history, but it’s not essential. The story of Getty Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neal Peart is one of unshakable determination and extremely uncompromising integrity. Inspiring anecdotes fill the documentary, like when Neil said that they were going to do their next record [Hemispheres] the way they wanted to even if that meant not reaching a wider audience, losing their record contract and ending up back at their “day jobs”. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect I found was the very deep and respectful commentary from artists such as Billy Corgan and Trent Reznor. This documentary was a complete joy to watch from start to finish. The inevitable discussion of Neal Peart’s tragic few years in the late ’90s was very sad to watch, but the story of their friendship and how the band came around to continue was amazing. The restaurant scene at the end was hilarious and pretty many sums up why I think they’ve been together for 40 years.” Geddy Lee was savagely disrespected by Rush fan at a restaurant recently.