John Lennon Called Rock Icon Fat Just Before Death


Late The Beatles icon John Lennon’s official Instagram page has uploaded a rare 1976 word association where Lennon calls Elvis Presley ‘fat.’ This was just a year before Elvis would die from a heart attack at the age of 42 in Memphis, Tennessee. Lennon praised Paul McCartney as being ‘extra-ordinary’ but called George Harrison ‘lost.’ He referred to Ringo Starr as a ‘friend.’

Today, how do you associate to the following, described in one word?”

New York: Great
Elvis: Fat
Ringo: Friend
Yoko: Love
Howard Cosell: Hum
George: Lost
Bootlegs: Good
Elton: Nice
Paul: Extra-ordinary
Bowie: Thin
M.B.E: Shit
John: Great.

Lennon’s account also recently posted:


‘I’m a cinema verité guitarist; I’m a musician and you have to break down your barriers to hear what I’m playing. I’m an artist and if you give me a tuba, I’ll bring you something out of it.’ – JL, 1970⁣

Caption from The Beatles Book Monthly No. 128: ‘John showed us the weirdest collection of musical instruments we’d ever seen in his Weybridge home. Here he is playing the top half of a Swiss horn!’ ⁣

John and Julian @julespicturepalace photographed by Beatles Book Monthly photographer Leslie Bryce at their home, Kenwood, Weybridge, Surrey, 29 June 1967.⁣

You can view the rare photos below.