John Lennon ‘Freak’ Remark To Killer Finally Revealed


Late The Beatles icon John Lennon writing a letter to the ‘wounded’ and ‘killer’ in the military, along with ‘religious freaks’ was revealed on his social media account today. John Lennon calling The Beatles classic ‘junk’ was detailed yesterday.. Lennon had strong political beliefs, even sending a large sum of money to a surprising name after a terrible incident.

LETTER TO DISC READERS, 18 January 1972⠀

Dear Readers, We’re glad if our song “The Luck Of The Irish” (all proceeds from this record will go to the Civil Rights Movement in Ireland), has caused you people to discuss what’s going on there… and responding to comments on the situation in Northern Ireland from a reader as reader P. Wakeman says, how would we feel being occupied by Irish troops? I’m sure we could easily find “at least one million” people in England who would be glad if the situation was reverse.⠀

I hope the readers noticed Raymond Stewarts last name – it is in fact Scottish, right? and it was those special Scots and English that were sent to ‘colonize’ and ‘anglicize’ Northern Ireland in the last century that want to keep Ireland British when in fact IT IS IRELAND!⠀

Whatever anyone says, if you want to be British, Mr. Stewart, I suggest you move to Britain, otherwise leave Ireland to the Irish, P.T.O.

P.S. of course we sympathise with soldiers who are killer or wounded – anywhere, as we feel for the poor American soldiers forced to fight in Vietnam, but our deepest sympathies must surely go to the victims of British and American imperialism. ⠀

Our song says, “blame it all on the kids and the I.R.A.” which means, ‘let’s not kid ourselves that the cause of the troubles in Ireland is the people of Ireland’s fault, whether they be children, religious freaks or the I.R.A. – the real cause of the problem is British Imperialism as the song says, “why the hell are the English there anyway?”⠀

John Lennon⠀
Yoko O’no

John Lennon had a surprising reaction to a Yoko Ono album tanking, which is revealed in an emotional new film.