John Lennon Widow Reveals Beach Suit Photo


John Lennon, late iconic vocalist for The Beatles would have no problem telling you that “Boys would be boys” as this new unearthed and retro photo suggests, as widow Yoko Ono allows social media managers to post photos to honor the late Beatles icon. Journalist Jamie Bowman took to social media via Twitter to share this delightful photo of a young Lennon in his childhood with friends Peter Sissons and Jimmy Tarbuck. This member of The Beatles wrote this heartbreaking goodbye note to Peter Sissons. Sissons would grow up to be an acclaimed English broadcaster in his own right and Jimmy Tarbuck is an equally acclaimed television presenter, known for hosting multiple games and quiz shows in Britain throughout the sixties upwards into the nineties over on ITV.  The photo is of the three in swim trunks during a childhood school trip to The Isle of Mann back in the 1950s. You can view it below.

In other news regarding The Beatles fans on the fab four’s official Facebook page was celebrating recently with the news that Abbey Road returned to number one in the United Kingdom, setting a chart record. This ‘disgusting’ John Lennon cocaine secret was uncovered.

Michael replied: “This album that everyone raves about was basically just stuff that had been sitting around unfinished in the studio and they threw it together. This was the last album made (not let it be) and if you listen very carefully every track is in the same tempo, you can put the lyrics from one song to another and you will see.”

Lalitha said: “It’s a great privilege for me to cross the Abbey Road this Aug 2019! with the help of my Daughter Kathy who took video and a pic of me walking..crossing! I started hearing songs from 1980 onwards. I was so thrilled and happy about that crossing the road! It’s a lifetime memory! Thanks, Beatles for your inspiring songs and music! God bless. I am from South India. Bangalore!”

John Lennon called this member of The Beatles a ‘Loser’. Patrick put: “Four boys that shook the world. And they’re still doing it 50 years on. I was 12 when Love Me Do came out and there was a Beatles album released every year of my teenage years. What a time to grow up to.”

Shari typed: “They’re at their very best on this album. Production-wise, musicianship and vocally, a masterpiece. I graduated high school in January 1970 and it was our class’s favorite album along with them being our favorite group. 50 years later, it still rocks! Especially the remix. Just wonderful!❤❤”