John Lennon Wife Rejected By The Beatles Member


While John Lennon tragically died years ago, his name is always in the news, especially after Dave Grohl made emotional Lennon remarks recently in a video. While George Harrison had tension with Paul McCartney near the end of The Beatles, he was still getting along well with John Lennon. After the band split, Harrison said on numerous occasions he’d like to start a new band with Lennon when asked about a potential Beatles reunion.

Harrison was then putting together a Bangladesh benefit concert and asked Lennon to perform without his wife Yoko Ono, which Lennon saw as disrespect. Lennon told Playboy’s David Sheff in 1980 that he liked recording “I’m The Greatest” but wasn’t too eager when Harrison offered to start a new band.

“I was embarrassed when George kept asking me,” Lennon honestly said in the interview. “The spirit [of the session] was very good, but I was with Yoko. The very fact [George and Billy Preston] would imagine I would form a male group without Yoko!”

Lennon’s memorial Twitter account today put up a quote that definitely ties into this, “Anybody who claims to have some interest in me as an individual artist or even as part of the Beatles has absolutely misunderstood everything I ever said if they can’t see why I’m with Yoko. And if they can’t see that, they don’t see anything.”

He also said, “There are some subtleties of emotions which I cannot seem to express in pop music, and it frustrates me. Maybe that’s why I still search for other ways of expressing myself. Song writing is a limiting experience in some ways – writing down words that have to rhyme.” Lennon making a sad money revelation before his death recently surfaced.