John Mayer Shows Up At Wrestling Show With Eddie Vedder Lookalike


Singer John Mayer attended the All In professional wrestling PPV in Chicago on Saturday night with a lookalike of Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder. Many fans actually mistook the lookalike for being the real Vedder. View photos and tweets below.

One fan tweeted, “John Mayer & Eddie Vedder at the wrestling show. John Mayer is the coolest. Homie plays with the greatest American touring band of all time and watches wrestling. That guy fucks.”

Another fan wrote, “Update: John Mayer looks confused and Eddie Vedder is having a blast.”

Mayer has written about his love of Pearl Jam and Vedder before on social media in the past, “Without this man Eddie Vedder and @pearljam I wouldn’t be a singer. Or a songwriter. I wouldn’t have tried to be as interesting with vocal melodies as he is. Without Mike McCready and ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ there is no ‘Slow Dancing in a Burning Room’ and without their record No Code there would be no Born and Raised.

Saturday night at Bonnaroo gave me an opportunity to (clumsily) close the loop and pay my respects to the guys, their music and their navigating as a band through the years. Thanks for the kindness.”

Last year Mayer also said he wanted to collaborate with Vedder.