Johnny Depp Daughter & Amber Heard Bombshell Leaks


The former mistress of Johnny Depp, Amber Heard is back in the headlines today – but she probably isn’t earning any money from it. Turns out, the now daughter of Johnny Depp was duped not “depped” by one Cara Delevingne to get to her former step-mother, Heard, and the young Depp is devastated because of it.

As per Small Screen UK, Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose Depp, for those who didn’t know, was reportedly devastated after actress Cara Delevigne used her to get close to her former step-mother, Ms. Amber Heard. This report comes after Heard and Depp’s very public court battle.

The former Pirates Of The Caribbean actor, Johnny Depp, ended up coming out on top, and Heard’s been in a pretty tough position ever since. However, this new report claims that Lily-Rose was upset with Cara Delevigne because she found out that the actress used her in order to get close to Heard, and the pair had an affair.

It was also reported that Lily-Rose thought that Delevigne genuinely liked her and that they were friends. However, Lily-Rose was devastated when she found out that she was merely being used by Cara, which is sad to hear.

However, before I get into the weeds of this story, I have to make it very clear that this is all just being reported, and it hasn’t been officially confirmed or denied by any of the people involved.

Scandalous and sordid. Despicable.