Soundgarden 2021 Teaser Fuels Fan Speculation


Soundgarden’s surviving members are currently operating under a ‘Nudedragons’ Instagram, as they have lost access to their own social media to the Chris Cornell estate. Taylor Momsen recently discussed recording with Kim Thayil and Ben Shepherd.

Matt Cameron shared a Soundgarden transforming into Nudedragons logo graphic, leading to speculation from fans, though apparently he’s just a fan of the graphic. Soundgarden played as Nudedragons for their first April 2010 reunion show.

99SoulsUp posted, “I really think they intend to have Nude Dragons as an entity or project of some kind. Matt even lists it as a band he is associated on his bio, separate from Soundgarden.”

PJLucania wrote, “We’ve become like those Britney Spears fans who are on high alert for coded messages on Instagram posts/stories/bio.

Anyway, I’m choosing to believe it means something and I don’t want to hear otherwise. If it means nothing, just leave me to my fantasies, I’m good here.”

mildmannered said, “Interesting. Before King Animal’s release they played a show as Nudedragons, perhaps this is a precursor to a new album’s release. I’m not holding my breath but I’d be glad to be proven wrong.

It could also be an indicator of some more collaborations, which I’m all for.”

Streetpus added, “Yeah I’m guessing it’ll probably just be more collaboration stuff, but an album would be insane.”

Ijeffgarden chimed in, Someone asked him in a DM and he said he was just reposting this cause he thought it was cool.”

The Soundgarden Instagram, which Chris Cornell’s widow has control of, then posted the ‘Soundgarden’ portion of the video with “#ChrisCornellForever’ attached to it.

PJLucania posted, “The account had a longer one with the whole video, Nudedragons part included and altered with lyrics from Outshined (“I got off being sold out”) added that made it clear that it was being used to bitch at Matt Cameron/Soundgarden. She deleted that one. The original video is from a fan account that created it in support of the band, which Matt liked, but it looks like she just took it from Matt’s account because of the timing (original was from December and Matt just posted it a couple of days ago).”

“She posted the same one with the Nudedragons thing… I don’t know, I think they will set this out of court, she just does not understand that Soundgarden was not only Cornell but a collective, and maybe she now has a cold mind about it and can make a good decision. She was probably going to use Brendan O’Brian to do the production with the stuff that should be produced by the band itself. Nothing against O’Brian but the last two Cornell albums (even though I like them) sound super polished and overproduced.”