Johnny Depp & Jeff Beck Wife Report Revealed


The former actor, Johnny Depp, recently came out and told the world about a time when he moved in with the now late, Jeff Beck. News broke yesterday that Beck had sadly passed. One of his biggest fans and admirers is Depp, the former actor turned rocker. Let’s find out more about those days when Depp moved in with Beck.

As per People, Jeff Beck “very simply and kindly” let Johnny Depp live with him for a period of time before Beck’s death at age 78.

In an October SiriusXM Town Hall special hosted by Stevie Van Zandt, Depp, now 59, spoke about a time when he lived with Beck and his wife Sandra before he and the former Yardbirds guitarist began touring their album in the year of our Lord, 2018.

“For me, Jeff very simply and kindly, Jeff and his wife Sandra just took me into their house, and I lived with them for months and months and months,” said Depp.

The actor and musician went on to tell the world how he felt he could “actually be me” once he and Beck started touring their new music together last summer.

“And then we went on the first tour together,” Depp said in the interview. “So for me having had to deal with other things at the same time, once those things, you know, are down the road and you drop into the tour, it’s like you’re home. You are home and you feel at home. Like, where I can actually be me.”

We wish the Beck family all the best during this time.