Gene Simmons Savagely Grabs Aerosmith Member


KISS icon Gene Simmons grabbed Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry’s face in a rare photo he has posted to his Instagram page. Simmons’ daughter Sophie recently revealed a beautiful bikini photo.

“Joe Perry 😎.”

Gene Simmons’ bass on Smashes, Thrashes and Hits was recently discussed on KISSfaq by The Doctor. “Okay, so Eric Carr on drums, but why did Gene change the bass line to playing higher notes? Also it seems Peter Criss is still on backing vocals in the Smashes, Thrashes and Hits version. Strange.”

brokentiny said, “I seem to remember reading somewhere of a different mix as early test pressing or some such. It’s definitely the same Gene lead vocal, it appears to be in the same key, but I wonder if that was alternative bass track that wasn’t originally used. Sounds like the original drum track, but heavily re-processed. You can here a duff note in the first bass run of the verse too. I don’t think it’s a new Gene over dub, I suspect Gene was nowhere near the studio during this time. I remember hearing it at the time and think, at least they did something different with it, but it’s all kinds of wrong I think.”

The Doctor responded, “The snare drum seems to be a total overdub. And yes, heavily re-processed original drums, thanks for pointing that out. I think that’s why I thought it was Eric Carr. The alternative bass Gene plays seems to be quiet low in the mix as well. Are there any musicians here that can have a listen and tell us what they hear?”

Planet Caravan chimed in, “Gawd that remix is horrid.

Sounds like a heavily processed and edited Peter drum track partially replaced with a drum machine in sections.

If they were going to bastardize the track so much they shouldve just re-recorded the damn thing with Eric & Bruce.” A touching Gene Simmons hospital video was uploaded a couple of weeks ago.