Jon Stewart Reveals Eric Clapton ‘Mental Breakdown’


Jon Stewart, formerly of the show ‘The Daily Show’ has been speaking up lately about music and musicians. What he has been talking about frequently is the saga continues between Spotify, Neil Young, and Joe Rogan. No one needs to be reminded of what’s currently going on with Spotify, but for a quick refresh – Neil Young ask Spotify to pull all of his music off of their platform due to Neil being very angry at the misinformation that Joe Rogan has spread on his podcast the ‘Joe Rogan Experience.’

Neil Young has fought tooth and nail to ensure that he was taken off of the platform. Many artists followed suit with the legendary rocker, but while many were beside him in pulling off their music, there are some that would rather leave their music up on the platform but still side with Neil Young.

In a recent interview with Joh Stewart that mainly focused on the Neil Young drama, Jon was asked a host of questions about other artists. Jon touched on the fact that it’s odd to see artist coming out and poking at misinformation when the industry is full of it. Stewart went at Eric Clapton, claiming he has has a mental breakdown and turned into a psycho.

Jon Stewart: “This industry is full of misinformation, I mean look at Eric Clapton. He’s psycho. So, do you remove yourself from every platform? We all live on this planet and there’s misinformation that is egregious and purposeful and hateful. That being moderated is a credit to the platforms that run them. This overreaction to Rogan is a mistake.”