1st Base Runner Release ‘Near Me’ With Grunge Power

Photo: Heather Gildroy

Over the last few years, there has been a rise in tons of different types of music that we have never heard or seen before. Music has transcended genres of discord. In fact, there really are no genres anymore when we look at the way in the side of what currently is making up music. Many bands do this very well. You have bands that sound different every record they put out, and you have bands that sound different from song to song. It’s such a treat when you hear a band put out music that just includes almost every genre that you can think of and make something so fantastic that you have to tell everybody about it.

All of this is exactly what it feels like when listening to the newest 1st Base Runner song, ‘Near Me’. The track features a rhythmic compilation that is just so melodic and sticky that it becomes a part of your inner most subconsciousness throughout the entire day after listening. You can tell how hard the new song was worked on, but it also seems so effortless as every piece of the puzzle seems to fit rightly and justly.

The song starts with a beat and then incomes everything else that encompasses exactly what this band stands for. what does band stand for is a plethora of things, but most deeply, they stand for writing incredible pieces of art that we are lucky enough to have in our heads. The vocals come into the track about a minute in and they really bring everything together to a degree that’s unheard of in the independent realm. Often times, you only hear such masterful pieces of music from artist to have 20 different producers in a room to help write the track. This isn’t the case here, no. This band is just that talented and gifted.

What’s even better is that there’s an accompanying music video with the song as well that takes you on a schizophrenic ride. A pleasant reminder of the Willy Wonka scene when they’re on the boat while watching this music video runs through my head. The glitches and lighting go with the beat. Here it is. Here is what was needed to tie together such a song. The song is perfect. Everything about it feels so natural and needed. Once the video kicks in, it’s even better. 1st Base Runner are many things. Great music? Sure. Fantastic videos? Of course. Unique? Always.