Jonathan Davis Reveals New Korn Album Plans, Is It Coming In 2019?

Jonathan Davis of Korn talks about Korn's landmark album.


Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of their landmark album “Follow The Leader” the guys from Korn decided to play a few shows earlier this year which included nothing but songs off of that album in their set. Jonathan Davis talks about that experience on the DOMKcast. He talks about the impact that the album had on the show TRL on MTV. Constantly claiming the #1 spot. One of the few rock bands amidst a boyband pop onslaught which dominated the show. Jonathan Davis said “It felt great to carry the rock flag. They had to create a rule and retire “Freak On A Leash” because it was #1 for so long.”

Pop music had taken over in the late 90’s and the rock world was looking for something new and fresh. Then nu-metal started to gain some steam and perhaps the last great genre of rock music. Bands like Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit, and Korn. Jonathan Davis doesn’t like them to be categorized in any one genre though. He thinks their sound stands on it’s own. “Follow The Leader” was the album that catapulted Korn into the mainstream gaining exposure to audiences that had never given the band a listen before.

Update On New Music From Korn

New Korn album in the works. Jonathan is going to finish up his solo career and then focus on recording the vocals for the new album. Looks like we’ll get it in 2019. Jonathan talks about the recording process “Sometimes it just comes to you and other times you have to spend a little more time on it.”

Hear about the difference between his solo work and Korn. The fans have responded well to his first solo album “Black Labyrinth” and encourage him to keep going. Hear the complete conversation with Jonathan Davis of Korn on episode 78 of the DOMKcast.

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