The Josh Homme Music Industry Boycotts Have Begun: ‘He’s Been An Ass For Years’


Jeff Kravitz, who is one of the most prominent rock music photographers in rock in the United States and the founder of, has announced that he will never photograph Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme again after he kicked photographer Chelsea Lauren in Los Angeles on Saturday.

“He’s been an ass for years.”

“There is no rationalization. Earlier this week i was shooting Jane’s Addiction and Dave Navarro didn’t want us to hang in front of him. I saw him go off stage and whisper to his tech. 30 seconds later the guy was in the pit asking us to move over. You don’t kick someone. You ask.”

Photographer Ellen Offredy, who has worked with big names bands in the United Kingdom, tweeted: “Literally lost so much respect for this man after reading this article, complete with video evidence. Nothing can excuse this behaviour and I hope the photographer involved is going to press charges. Never shooting them, ever.”

She also said, “The initial apology wasn’t sincere. But the video version shows he’s had time to reflect on his actions – he’s acknowledged he’s kicked a photographer and that it was inexcusable. Hopefully from here he’ll change his behaviour at live shows to ensure nobody else is injured.

I’ve always been a fan of Queens of the Stone Age and they’re a band I’ve always wanted to photograph. But I can’t say I ever want to turn up to do a job and photograph a band and feel in danger. As far as I’m concerned I have no interest in working with them anymore. But I have friends who have photographed them in recent weeks and said it was one of the best experiences of their life so it really depends on how this one case is dealt with.”