Taylor Momsen Reveals Hot Halloween Outfit


Taylor Momsen is looking frightfully bewitching in a new photo that showcases the season of Halloween. Is The Pretty Reckless singer supposed to be a fallen angel? A sultry dominatrix? It doesn’t matter because Momsen, as per always finds a way to jaw-dropping. Taylor Momsen was spotted with this Limp Bizkit member a couple of days ago.

In reality, the singer of the hit song “Heaven Knows” was asking her fans, in french what her costume should be for the upcoming Halloween holiday and wouldn’t you know, not only did social media responded in droves to the revealing photo but they also give plenty of suggestions of what her costume choice should be.  Taylor Momsen was spotted kissing a woman in a photo recently.

Josinho_zombie had to say: “Your beauty is stunning!! One of the most beautiful Goddesses the universe has ever known!”

Taylor Momsen revealed a photo of her attractive mother not too long ago. Aline.wonderland wrote: “Bonjour Taylor! As Buffy maybe? A zombie bride? An evil girl? But whatever you chose it will look amazing on you and I hope you’ll post a picture. Love from France!

@xMegalomania on Twitter suggested: “Queen of Spades from Alice in Wonderland with some goth touch to it will be a blast! Damn, that would be gorgeous :D”

Fellow Twitter user @recklessxmzhyde put forwarded: “Tiffany Valentine from the Child’s Play movies. Your style from the Light Me Up era used to remind me of her.”