Josh Homme Reacts To Faith No More Singer Mike Patton Drinking Pee


Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme discussed Faith No More and Mike Patton in a new Alligator Hour on Apple Music with Colin Hanks.

Consequence of Sound reports that Homme starts talking about his love for Faith No More’s 1995 album, King for a Day … Fool for a Lifetime, saying, “The reason I love this album is because at this point in Faith No More, Faith No More exploded. See, I toured with them when I was 19 and … Mike Patton was a big influence on shaping some of my outlook, because they had done really well, but it was really uncomfortable for him to do so well.”

He continues, “And so as a as a kid that grew up on all punk rock, coming from the desert, it was like, do well, but don’t do too well — that punk rock guilt … but watching Mike Patton do these crazy … like choke down an eight-inch dildo … or piss in a shoe and drink it during the show … and sing wonderfully at the same time and watch them pull apart the strings of success … trying to figure out how to navigate who he was because he was quite young, as well, at the time.”

Hanks then chimes in, “I always loved how … he was both sides of that coin… He had an amazing singing voice, a gorgeous voice, but then he would … destruct it, as well. ‘Let’s see how far I can tear these vocal cords of mine.’”