Melissa auf der Maur Reveals What ‘Pisses Her Off’ About Hole Legacy


Melissa auf der Maur discussed her disappointment in the handling of Hole’s legacy in a new Stereogum interview.

Stereogum asked, “You’ve often said you felt there was some unfinished business there.”

“For sure. I actually feel pissed off, and it’s no one’s fault — except for kind of, maybe, mismanagement or hard-to-manage artists. Hole’s legacy lives in the gutters of YouTube. It had been like 10 years since I’d played with Hole when YouTube was created. I was, for the first time, able to look at some of the powerful live things. I realized, “Wow, nobody knows this.” There’s no Best Of. I like the idea of helping remember things and put memories together. I also have a photographic archive of 35,000 negatives from that time, too, and I’ve been slowly scanning them. I’m a little too busy for my own art project.

There was actually a show I had with Nick Zinner at a very interesting photography museum in Cleveland, Ohio, called Transformer Station. He and I had similar work, it was from my archives of life on the road in the ’90s. I’m really excited to make a package of it. I have really fond memories. I’m working with a very old friend of mine and hers, called Joe Mama-Nitzberg, who was one of Courtney’s oldest friends as a teenager. They came up together in the San Francisco punk rock scene. He now lives in Hudson and he’s a very big friend and supporter of Basilica. And we’re going to direct a very strange soiree. I’m really happy to be able to do that for the legacy of Courtney and Hole.”