Josh Klinghoffer Confirms Red Hot Chili Peppers Reunion


Josh Klinghoffer has reunited with former Red Hot Chili Peppers bandmate Flea and ex-drummer Jack Irons on a new ‘Pluralone’ single “Nowhere I Am.” Klinghoffer was fired by the Chili Peppers last year when the band rehired John Frusciante.

The 31st anniversary of Mother’s Milk is next month, and Helippe discussed their disappointment with the album’s reissue on the RHCP Reddit, “I’m not sure why they put on a different version of Pretty Little Ditty? It’s one of my favorite songs on that record. I’ve been listening to this record since it came out and always thought it was one of the high points on the album.

I know there was some editing done to the track originally that didn’t involve the band, but the editing was done really tastefully and really elevated the track. It had this building momentum feel and just set up Punk Rock Classic. The version now just sounds loose and not very focused. It’s honestly so disappointing I hate my new Vinyl version. Unfortunately I’m going to have to just find an original pressing which cost quite a lot these days. It’s also disappointing that fans won’t even get to hear the original version anymore.

This reminds me of when George Lukas changed Star Wars. Damn it?!?! Why, just put out the albums as they were released. They didn’t even bother to reprint the center label with the new longer length, sloppy work A-holes.”