John Frusciante Announces New Red Hot Chili Peppers Album


John Frusciante discussed his return to Red Hot Chili Peppers and confirmed their new album plans in a new interview, below is a translation.

“I came back to the band because I knew that I could continue to play electronic music, and I have the leeway to get along. I was planning to have a live show in the summer, but everything was postponed to next year. Therefore, I hope that RHCP live activities will be realized next summer. I’m working on a song right now. The goal is to go into the studio and work on an album by the end of the year, or finish the album. It was a story that song writing started as soon as I returned, so that new songs could be released. I’ve been making electronic music since I returned to Japan as a member of the band in 1998, so I’m glad I have the time. As a rock musician and as an electronic musician, I want to express myself in two ways and be free.”

He also discussed his new album Trickfinger, “It reflects my personality! As I said, the first thing to do is to listen to what others are doing. For this album, “Noice” was inspired by drum and bass producer AMIT . He’s half drum and bass. I liked the idea and tried it out with the R-130 alone. Also, using two other equipment. That rhythm was inspired by him. “Sea YX6” is, Autechre if there are those using only RY30 in is made EP, I read also Toka values with respect to the use of only their one equipment in the interview. I was inspired by the idea. “Brise” uses Elektron’s Analog Four and Analog Rhythm.

I think these are fun ways to make generative music simple. I’m excited because I’m programming on the equipment and I don’t know what will come out of them next time. The melody changes with the rhythm every time, and the drums and melody are generative in this “Brise”. The melody of “Plane” is also generative, “Amb” has melody and bassline, and “Rhyme Four” has a unique melody. Therefore, random things will come out depending on the time and case. Especially “Plane” and “Brise”. Generative music is especially influenced by Mark Fel.

“Brise” is the SND of him and the group he was inI was inspired by what I was doing in. When I hear the sound, I feel like I’m communicating with the equipment, rather than commanding it. So you’ll be amazed at the results that come out of it. That process is fun. So I think it’s all like me! I think all the sense of melody and rhythm is mine. The language you use here — The use and programming of all equipment is definitely influenced by others. It’s the same when I’m playing the guitar. My guitar is like me, but I’m trying to imitate someone.”

Thanks to Love Frusciante for the translations.