Josh Klinghoffer Plays New Red Hot Chili Peppers Song


Eddie Vedder and The Earthlings performed at the Beacon Theater in New York, NY on February 04, 2022. Vedder reviewed the new Red Hot Chili Peppers song “Black Summer” and former RHCP guitarist Josh Klinghoffer even played a brief guitar lick from it.

Vedder said “This morning I heard the new Chili Peppers single, the record is going to come out on April 1st. What a great chorus. Chad, you’re playing on some hits this year.” Below is the setlist via Sea and John on the Ten Club board.

Eddie Vedder & The Earthlings debut concert
intro music at 9:04
Intro music: On My Way-from the album Earthling
Band Onstage: 9:06
Band Offstage: 11:00

Earthlings Band:
Chris Chaney: Bass
Glen Hansard: Guitars, Keys, bg vocals
Josh Klinghoffer: Guitars, Keys, bg vocals
Chad Smith: Drums
Andrew Watt: Guitars, bg vocals

Opening: Glen Hansard

Set List
01. Drive-(Berry, Buck, Mills, Stipe)
02. Room At The Top-(Petty)
03. Timeless Melody-(L.A. Mavers)-The La’s cover
04. I’ll Be Waiting-(Vedder, Hansard)-from the Flag Day sound track
05. The Dark-from the album Earthling
06. Invincible-from the album Earthling
Ed notes he has been asked about guests on the album but not many questions about probably the greatest rock and roll keyboardist of all time Benmont Tench. (Ed allows it may be a tie with Roy Bittan)
07. Long Way-(from the album Earthling
08. Brother The Cloud-(from the album Earthling)
09. I’m One-(Townshend)
(Seeing his name and the artwork on the marquee of The Beacon looks and felt great. Ed says his wife and wives in general don’t get enough credit. This is dedicate to his wife Jill)
10. The Haves-(from the album Earthling)
11. Fallout Today-(from the album Earthling)
12. Mrs. Mills-(from the album Earthling)
13. Chad-O (drum solo)
14. Rose Of Jericho-(from the album Earthling)
Ed yells at Danny Clinch for getting onstage and taking photos. “The rule is only musicians onstage”. Danny pulls out a harmonica which Ed disparages as not even an instrument. Andrew Watt points out the next song has a harmonica and everyone is friends again.
15. Try-(from the album Earthling) w/Danny Clinch
16. Dirty Frank
17. Porch

Encore Break
18. Isn’t It A Pity-(Harrison)
19. Not For You
20. Rocking In The Free World-(Young)
(Thanks the crowd and crew)
21. Purple Rain-(Prince) Ed sings lead first verse, Josh sings lead second and third verse