Josh Klinghoffer Trashes Red Hot Chili Peppers Album


Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer recently opened up on the band’s latest couple of albums. The albums were recorded after his departure from the band in 2019.

Josh was in the line-up between 2009 and 2019, contributing to two of the group’s records, 2011’s “I’m With You” and 2016’s “The Getaway”, before being replaced by longtime guitarist John Frusciante.

Josh Klinghoffer opens up on the matter

In a recent interview with the 5 Notas podcast, Klinghoffer offered his two cents on the records released since his departure from the band, and he wasn’t too positive about them (via Guitar World):

“I had to listen to the new albums. I couldn’t let myself [not]. I was hearing little things about them. I don’t think I finished the second one. [2022’s ‘Return Of The Dream Canteen’]. I was trying to cram it in once before leaving on a plane, and I got as far as maybe the ninth song. I don’t think I listened to the rest.”

“It’s tough. Because I honestly think we were doing cooler music. I would love for it to have been finished… I never want to sound negative about anyone doing music, but I honestly feel like I was shocked when I heard their new record.”

Since his departure from the Chilis, Klinghoffer has been actively working as a touring musician, first with Pearl Jam and, more recently, with Jane’s Addiction.