Silverhours “Doldrums” Is An Anthem Of Loss & Hope


Silverhours has released his debut single ‘Doldrums’ just recently on March 31st and here’s why I want you to check it out right now.

Silverhours is quickly becoming an underground legend. The hit new debut, ‘Doldrums’ is the first single from his debut LP, ‘Madeleine Moment’ which is out on June 9th.

The song was written in London when life felt like “being in the middle of the ocean of uncertainty”. Silverhours describes this song as “my anthem for surviving the days of uncertainty, loss and struggle. It is a sad song, but this sorrow also brings you joy and hope”.

The song arrangement has evolved from the sound of a Hologram Microcosm pedal and a programmed glitchy drum sequence. Accompanied by a stack of electro guitars, analogue synths and swirling echoes, the track blends together to create a hypno-groove sound.

Silverhours is a musician based in London who takes inspiration from the geometry of musical rhythms and the dark sounds of Scottish electronic duo, Boards Of Canada. His artistry features an eclectic mix of sounds, influenced by both jazz and electronica.

The amazing part about the new album is that it was mixed by Shuta Shinoda who has worked with the likes of Hot Chip, Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard and mastered by John Davis, famous for his work with Gorillaz, The Killers, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.

Silverhours and Nick Cave have something big in common as Silverhours was a winner of Nick Cave’s cover competition in August 2020.

Nick Cave said on this: “The deeply moving version of Spinning Song, with its extraordinarily affecting home video footage, was such a strange, bold and emotional elevation of the original.”

Silverhours is releasing a cinematic video alongside the single. The video is inspired by the works of German dancer and choreographer, Pina Bausch, and explores the concept of involuntary memory and how senses such as smell and touch can trigger a past experience.

The music video was directed by Craig McLaughlin and features talented dance duo James
Pett and Travis Clausen-Knight.

The song, ‘Doldrums’ is something so fresh and new that you can hardly put it into a corner and call it a name. The song is incredible, to say the least. It just starts off so well and then takes you on a journey, just a bit over five minutes. The ending of the song is just as great as the beginning, and this is what makes a fantastic song.

Take a listen below and enjoy the ride.