Journalist Reveals How Kurt Cobain Eerily Showed How He’d Die With Gun Months Before Death


Neil Strauss has released an extended version of his 1994 Rolling Stone story on Kurt Cobain’s death on SteemIt. Below is an except of new content that has been added to the article:

While Nirvana was in Paris–a week before Cobain’s 27th birthday–photographer Youri Lenquette witnessed a chilling scene. Cobain showed up for a photo shoot for the French magazine Globe and struck up different poses with a sports pistol he had recently purchased. On one occasion, Cobain foreshadowed his own suicide by pressing the gun against his temple, pretending to squeeze the trigger, and miming the impact of the gunshot to his head. (Lenquette has decided not to release the photos.)

There is also a portion that discussed Cobain’s reaction to his intervention on March 25, 1994:

Back in Seattle that evening, Cobain stopped by a woman friend and drug dealer’s house in the upscale, bohemian Capitol Hill district. “Where are my friends when I need them?” she told a Seattle newspaper Cobain said to her. “Why are my friends against me?”

Cobain died by suicide on April 5, 1994. His body was discovered on April 8th.