Could Just A Ride Be Britain’s Answer To Stone Temple Pilots?


There’s a big chance that you haven’t heard of British band Just A Ride, don’t worry the foursome featuring Rod Henderson on vocals, Drew Lowe (guitar), Eddie Hoffmann (bass) and Alex Bailey (drums) formed less than two years ago.

Just A Ride have released their first two track EP with production coming from Dave Draper who has worked in the past with The Wildhearts. The two tracks are “I Wanna Know” and “Release Me”. The latter already has been turned into a video which you can view above.

The band are openly fans of alternative rock from the 1990’s and this is very much evident with “I Wanna Know”, which starts by literally throwing you across the room with a blast of noise, don’t worry it’s all good. Straight off the bat the band sound like Britain’s answer to Stone Temple Pilots and singer Henderson, it has to be said, sounds uncannily like the much missed Scott Weiland. Hell guitarist Lowe’s style of play on this track could easily be mistaken for Dean Deleo. However Just A Ride never step into that territory of just another rock band clinging onto the tails of 90’s rock. They clearly have their own agenda and mix up their tunes with something modern.

Second track is the calmer “Release Me”, yes we know that Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam sang these words once upon a time, and whether that is another reference to grunge, well that’s for the band to say. But the song is instantly catchy and has a brilliant middle 8, so good you’re waiting in anticipation for the solo in the song to stop to hear it again.

If this short, sharp and sweet EP is anything to go by then Just A Ride may find themselves on one hell of a roller coaster type of one, and you’d be foolish not to buy a ticket and hop aboard.