Justin Shapiro’s ‘Brighter Days’ Hits The Right Notes For Tom Petty & Neil Young Fans


Sweet, earnest and undeniably charming, DC native Justin Shapiro hits all the right notes on “Brighter Days”, the lead single from his forthcoming album, Campfire Party. Taking a page out of the book of singer-songwriters such as Dave Matthews and Tom Petty and Neil Young. Shapiro goes a long way towards getting his own chapter in that book with his unique take on good old-fashioned rock music.

“Brighter Days” is the feel-good kind of song that can actually lead you to believe that brighter days are right around the corner. Shapiro’s powerful voice carries enough uniqueness with it that you can’t quite say he sounds like this or that but he clearly learned well from his influences. Shapiro’s guitar playing is inventive and fresh yet plays a secondary role to the one aspect he truly masters. Combining refreshingly honest lyrics with some absolutely fantastic delivery choices, his vocals are the true standout of the solid track.

Shapiro will release Campfire Party on May 18th. The ten songs are a musical voyage through the artistic and creative mind of a true visionary. An artist unrelenting in his approach and his attack while focusing first and foremost on good, quality music; something that in today’s day and age, is something of a rarity. Along with bassist Derick Wiggins and drummer Dave Chaeltzky, Shapiro’s band is rounded out with excellent complementary players who more than hold their own throughout Campfire Party.

“Lost in Time” kicks off the good vibe. The song’s unexpected chord progressions move it along while a grumbling, funky bass line lies just beneath the surface with more than a few standout moments. “Tyrannosaurus Rex” contains the kind of chorus you could just die for with its infections hook and rapid fire lyrical delivery. Adding to the beautiful chaos, the song boasts the albums’ finest lead guitar work and lives as the standout track on an album jam packed with rocking good times. I think we could all agree that if we lived in prehistoric times, we’d also choose to be the T Rex!

You can never go wrong when you look to the glory days of 90’s grunge for influence and Shapiro definitely carries that great tradition but on the softer, more intimate approach; a la Alice in Chains’ Jar of Flies and the acoustic driven Pearl Jam tracks like “Daughter” and “Elderly Woman”. Great company to be with. And for Shapiro, well deserved praise.

When May 18th gets here, make sure to check out Campfire Party! You can check out Justin Shapiro throughout his various social media sites listed below! Enjoy!