Tom Morello Reveals If He ‘Gets Along’ With Zack de la Rocha


Tom Morello revealed in a recent Jim and Sam Show interview if he gets along with his former Rage Against The Machine bandmate Zack de la Rocha and RATM in general, despite splitting again after 2011. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“Yeah, we get along, we don’t play shows, but we get along.”

He also discussed why Rage Against The Machine has stood the test of time.

“In part, why it was made. We put that band together with absolutely zero commercial ambition. It was a neo socialist multi-ethnic punk metal rap band. There was none of that on the radio, none of it playing the Hollywood clubs. We never thought we would be able to book a club gig, there was no club for that. Then, much to our surprise, it connected to people around the world.

I think that it was made so authentically that it stands apart in that regard. I’ve tried, I made one record before Rage Against The Machine with this other band called Lock Up. In that band, we did everything that everybody told us to do. The A&R guy, the manager, the record company. We were trying to be record makers and rock stars, and the record didn’t sound very good, and we got dropped.”