Kaleigh Shows Bright Future On Soaring ‘Predestined’


Written by Dustin Schumacher

We’re always lucky to get extremely talented artists featured on Alternative Nation, and Kaleigh is no exception.

Los Angeles-based triple threat (actor, model, musician) artist Kaleigh has announced the release of debut full-length rock/alternative album “Predestined”, out March 5, 2021 on all platforms.

As noted via Kaleigh “Style-wise as well as lyrically, this album takes a brave leap from her prior pop leanings, one that Kaleigh credits to ‘coming of age’.”

We are so thankful to get a first listen of her new album so let’s dive right into it. Kaleigh wrote this entire album at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic as well. It’s fascinating how she took that depression and that darkness and used it to make something.

First, I have to say that I love the album artwork. I’m a huge fan of minimalism as well as an old-style type of picture of the artist. I get a lot of Ariana Grande vibes from the album art.

The first song on the album is called “Weather The Storm”. Kaleigh has this to say about the song: “Weather the Storm is a song that was written to call attention to the tumultuous emotions that were felt throughout the United States during 2020 and echoed throughout the world. This is a sign to the public that as we embark on our journey through 2021, we must unite and stand together in order to reach progress. Spread love and compassion, take my hand and let’s stand together!” A beautiful sentiment.

My listening to ‘Weather The Storm’ was great. I love the acoustic work at the beginning and the cajon work as well. It really is a great opening track. Kaliegh asks “What happened to unity? What happened to you and me?” as the song kicks into overdrive. The song keeps an awesome pace the whole way through and really drives home her message. I love the way this track starts and I love the way this track progresses and ends as well.

The next track on the album is ‘Lost Souls’. I really enjoyed ‘Weather The Storm’ and I enjoy this track even more. The harmonies are perfect, the rhythm is great, and the electric guitar has powerful grit to it. Another hit here.

The third track Kaliegh brings is called ‘Mine’. This one is a changeup from the first tracks with more of a pop/R&B feeling. What can I say that hasn’t been said so far? Another hit here. All of the work is incredible. She really taps into the Ariana Grande style vocals. Lots of soul here.

The fourth track on the list is ‘You Remember’. This song opens with a hard drum beat and leads into some country style twang. I really love all of the switch ups between tracks. It keeps everything fresh to the ears. Yet again, this is a hit out of the park. All of these songs are hits in different genres. That’s incredible.

The next track is ‘Perfectly Imperfect’. I love the song title. Kaleigh goes back to the pop style in this one and the bass is slapping amazingly in this one. The instrumental work is to die for. The harmonies are back again in this one too. I love this one. Upbeat and catchy.

‘Rebel With A Purpose’ is next up. The opening and guitar work in this one reminds me of something off of Pearl Jam’s ‘Vitalogy’ album. “I’m a wild child” Kaleigh sings. This is a bar anthem. I can see this one being a hit at the bars.

Next up is ‘NY Lullaby’. This opens very Alisha Keys like. I love that. Most of the songs on this record start with vocals quickly but this one brings you in. If Kaleigh sounded like Ariana Grande at any point, it’s definitely now. If you didn’t tell me this was Ariana, I would’ve thought it was. Yet again, more soul here. This is the best vocal performance on the record so far and that says a lot as all of the vocal work has been great.

The song before the last is ‘God Have Mercy’. Back to a rock feel here. This one is straight up Alternative. I can see tons of our readers loving this one. 10/10.

To finish out this record is ‘50s Dream’ This feels like a closer and a strong one. This song combines the elements of the entire record. “I wish I could forget who you are.” clenches at your heart and makes you feel it. This opens strong and takes you on a journey of heartbreak. A perfect album closer that will keep you reflecting the entire day after listening.

Overall, what a smash hit here. Great work and I know Kaleigh will be making a BOOM in the industry along with her many other talents. Before we go, it should be noted that she has accumulated over 75,000 streams on Spotify with 28,000 individual fans in 29 countries. She also landed two major commercial campaigns and after that, she went on to be featured as a co-star on multiple primetime hit television shows. More recently, she worked on Olivia Wilde’s “Don’t Worry Darling” and the hit CBS All Access show, “Why Women Kill.” The future is bright for Kaleigh.