Taylor Momsen Beats Foo Fighters In Album Sales


Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless have topped Foo Fighters in album sales this past week, with Death By Rock and Roll selling more copies than Medicine at Midnight.

1. @TPROfficial Death By Rock And Roll
2. @foofighters Medicine At Midnight
3. @taylorswift13 Evermore
4. @MorganWallen Dangerous: The Double Album
5. @FLAGALine Life Rolls On

Momsen discussed losing Chris Cornell in a new Loudwire interview. The Pretty Reckless were opening for Soundgarden the night Chris Cornell died in Detroit in May 2017. “This band formed over the love of two bands. It formed over the love of the Beatles and Soundgarden. To be that close in proximity and opening for Soundgarden was just the highest of highs. I couldn’t believe it, we were just elated to be there.”

“And to have it end so tragically, that added a kind of shock. We were right there, we were there that night, I talked to Chris Cornell. I gave him a hug, I watched him leave the venue.”

She added about losing idols, “I think that music has such a power to it that even if you don’t know someone extraordinarily well personally, when you’ve related to their music and you’ve listened to those records throughout your whole life ad nauseam, it feels like a part of you,” she explained. “So I feel like losing someone like that… you feel like you’re losing a piece of yourself, in a way.”

Both Dave Grohl and Taylor Momsen performed at the ‘I Am The Highway’ Chris Cornell tribute show in January 2019, with Momsen fronting Soundgarden, and Grohl fronting Audioslave.