Kanye West Attacks Spotify CEO After Neil Young


It has been well noted that Spotify has been in the news with multiple artists such as Neil Young as well as Joni Mitchell, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, India. Arie among others either removed their catalogs from the platform entirely or asked to. This is due to the controversial nature of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast where host Joe Rogan has been spreading virus misinformation. Neil Young recently revealed this lie about this big name.

On the other hand, Kanye West is one of the top performers in the world and especially one that is still on the platform. West nearly gets fifty million monthly listeners on Spotify and is one of the most successful musicians for the service.

Recently, taking to social media via Instagram, West posted a text conversation with one of his contacts from Live Nation. The contact asked West about needing a multi-million dollar payment which Kanye would agree to due to Apple pulling out of a streaming deal. These comments can be read below.

“Ye, not sure you read the above, however, we are running out of time to pay the vendors for the load in. We need you to approve $2M NOW since the wire cut-off is in 15 min. This show needs to be filmed!!!”

To which West responded: “Ok, I’ll cut the check since Apple pulled on their streaming deal.”

West would then discuss the matter further and not only throw further shade at Apple but toward Spotify CEO Daniel Ek as well claiming that he can get more ‘action’ than he does. Ek has been in the news with Neil Young’s Spotify boycott over Joe Rogan.

As West put it: “I love how Apple only sees artist in only one way. They’ll sit with Daniel Ek but won’t meet with Ye. I remember me and Virg were with Daniel Ek in the club in Stockholm and he told me he could tell I get more p**** than him.” Kanye also named Spotify as a company he has a ‘beef’ with, along with ‘Disney liberals’ and ‘Hillary Clinton.’

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