Neil Young Reveals Big Name Lied About Joe Rogan


Neil Young posted, and later deleted, a letter/message on his website appearing to somewhat apologize for misrepresenting claims about Joe Rogan.

Young wrote, “Folks, Clearing up some things: The letter that prompted me to act on SPOTIFY was written by 270 hundred medical professionals, not doctors. I erroneously said they were doctors after having read disinformation on the internet. About a third of them were doctors. But many of the rest were nurses and hospital assistants. I respect and honor all those people and the work they continue do as I write this.

I read their whole letter. I still support all of them. My mistake was calling them all doctors. I read and usually believe the Guardian and Guardian made a rare mistake:

The Guardian: ‘Menace to public health: 270 doctors criticize Spotify over Joe Rogan’s podcast’ and Rolling Stone: ‘A Menace to Public Health: Doctors Demand Spotify Puts an End to [Virus] Lies on Joe Rogan Experience.’ So I was misinformed too! Glad it wasn’t a life and death decision for me.

I still stand behind the medical professionals and others who signed that great letter. I stand with them, at their side.

Also fyi – To clarify more bad misinformation online that is used to make points against me in some of the letters included here: The publishing share Hipgnosis has in my copyrights is in the Hipgnosis Songs Fund that is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange.

The Blackstone investment went into a separate Hipgnosis Private Fund and none of that money was used for the Hipgnosis Songs Fund. Pfizer has not invested in Hipgnosis but a past Pfizer CEO is a senior adviser for Blackstone, see link below.

So much for big Pharma! So much for PHARM aid! Clever but wrong. be well, love earth ny.”

Jordan Peterson tweeted the letter, and said in response: