Kanye West Drops Ivanka Trump Affair Bombshell


How many wild Kanye West (currently known as just ‘Ye’) stories can there be? It seems like there’s more than can be fathomed.

In a recent episode of ‘Drinking Champs,’ Ye sat down and talked about everything that you can think of. The oddest part of the show is when Ye opened up about a mystery that he has never really went in-depth with. The mystery is if Ye ever had any relations with Jared Kusher’s (former senior advisor to the president) wife.

The room would erupt when this was brought up as Kanye said: “So, basically, uhh, Jared Kushner, asked Steve Stoute ‘Yo, did Ye ever f**k my wife?,’ and Steve Stoute said ‘No, Ye never did nothing,’ and so, when I went to the White House, I told him ‘Yo, nothing ever happened,’ and he was like ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ and I grabbed him by both shoulders and I said ‘Jared, yo, nothing has ever happened,’ and he said ‘Yo, thank you for saying that.'”

Steve Stoute is the CEO of United Masters, a brand that distributes music for artists large and small, and denies anything between Ye and Jared’s wife happening. Ye also denies anything ever happening between he and Jared’s wife. This rumor was started years ago and Ye felt compelled to put an end to it as he had the time and space to do so on the recent episode of ‘Drinking Champs’.

Along with this in the interview, Ye also spoke up about running for president and ending all wars in 2024. On top of this, he also alluded to the possible fact that Drake supposedly slept with Kris Jenner. Of course, there is no proof for the former, but Kanye did give a nod to the possibility of it having happened.