Narcotics Found Near Scott Weiland’s Body


Earlier today, we reported the list of drugs that were reportedly found on Scott Weiland’s tour bus when he died last Thursday, but a report has now surfaced revealing that narcotics were found in plain view near Scott Weiland’s body on his tour bus.

According to the Hennepin County warrant and affidavit, Weiland’s body was found “alone in a bedroom” on the bus where an “unknown white substance packaged in baggies” was “located in the bedroom in plain view.”

The warrant specifies that the “2 clean baggies with white substance” were packaged “common with the way narcotics are packaged.” Police separately confirmed cocaine was found on the tour bus.

Earlier today, TMZ obtained a copy of the search warrant Bloomington, MN cops got to search late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland’s tour bus after his death — and it shows they found at least 2 bags of a white substance. They’ve already said that substance tested positive for cocaine.

Also on the bus — a generic version of Xanax, 2 different brands of sleeping pills, Buprenorphine … a synthetic opiate painkiller, and Viagra. There was also Ziprasidone … which is used to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Scott was diagnosed as bipolar in 2001.

According to the docs, all of those drugs were found in a bedroom on the bus. Cops also found one bag of a green, leafy substance. Weiland died on his tour bus in Bloomington, MN last Thursday at the age of 48.