Kanye West Drops Kim Kardashian & Ray J Bombshell


Kanye West has truly been on a downward spiral lately and it does not look like it will be ending anytime soon. The former hitmaker turned banned from Twitter star has been making the rounds due to antisemitic remarks and very controversial statements as it pertains to racial politics.

What’s even more odd is how Kanye has been going about his personal life and the life of his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. In a recent podcast, Kanye went after Pete Davidson and stated that there was “no way that she (Kim) could love him, not because he’s ugly – but she likes black guys.”

Kanye would then go on to say that Pete Davidson is not Kim’s type by any means. Kanye then alluded to dating in the real world being akin to “video game characters,” and that everyone has their own type. The podcast, brought to you by Lex Fridman has gained almost one million plays on that clip alone.

Furthermore, Kanye has recently been kicked out of almost every brand that he was with on top of recently getting kicked out of the Sketcher’s headquarters as he would show up unannounced to try to pitch his Yeezy brand to the company since Adidas has dropped him. What Kanye may have failed to realize is that many of the directors on board with the brand are Jewish.

Kanye would be escorted out of the facility and it does not look like he will be having a return there anytime soon. We will have to see how all of this continues to develop in the meantime while he is banned from almost all platforms other than Facebook it seems as of right now.