Billy Corgan Reveals ‘Advice’ He Gave Marilyn Manson


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan discussed his friend Marilyn Manson in an interview with conducted just days before Manson was canceled due to sexual abuse allegations.

Corgan said he gave Manson advice when he was recording Mechanical Animals, and said he hung out with him a lot during the Adore era.

Billy said the two “were hanging out a lot during those times… and I kind of wandered into them working at different times, and kind of gave them some advice that they took and even helped on some songs. Whether or not I was ever credited I don’t remember…”

“My memory of it,” Corgan recalled, “they were renting this house somewhere in the Hollywood Hills and I would go over there and they would be working on something. I would just be like, ‘oh you should try it like this…’ or occasionally pick up a guitar… It wasn’t anything particularly formal.”

Corgan and Manson had a falling out in the early 2000’s, but they reconciled around 2014, and embarked on the ‘End Times’ co-headlining tour in 2015, which saw the return of drummer Jimmy Chamberlin to The Smashing Pumpkins after 7 years. Manson has stayed active in recent years, releasing several albums, though he has now been dropped by his label, manager, and publicist.