Kanye West New Wife Is Kim Lookalike In Photos


Kanye is back in the headlines again, but today, his new wife is stating that she has had to change the color of her hair to avoid comparisons with Kanye ex, Kim Kardashian. Kanye “Ye” West has become one of the most controversial figures in recent history – however, some of his comments do hit home. Let’s see what’s going on with West’s new wife and her plight to avoid comparison to the Kardashians, as photos below show she was a lookalike of Kim Kardashian.

As per International The News, Kanye West’s new wife Bianca Censori, who has drawn comparison with his ex Kim Kardahsian, has dyed her hair so people will stop comparing the two. Psychotherapist Jade Thomas told The Sun (a UK tabloid) that the new hairstyle  marks a new start in her life with the Praise God hitmaker. She also mentioned that the change may have happened because Censori was feeling worthless after being continuously compared to reality TV megastar – Kim Kardashian. 

Censori debuted her blonde hair for the very first time when she was clicked having a meal with West, who now goes by Ye, following their secret nuptials.

“I can imagine it has been very difficult for Bianca to be compared to her new partner’s ex-wife,” Thomas told the outlet.

“This comparison could lead to feelings of worthlessness and sets unrealistic expectations of her new relationship.

“Furthermore, this constant comparison could lead to thoughts of, is my partner only with me because of my appearance?

“Or thoughts of, would my partner still like me if I look different?” the expert added. “Perhaps this dramatic hair change for Bianca could be a way of turning a new page in her life or relationship.”

“It could also be a way for her to break away from the comparison of her new partner’s ex-wife,” Thomas suggested. 

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