Candace Owens Drops Britney Spears Drug Bombshell


When you think about Britney Spears, the last thing you would think about are politics. On the flip side, when you think about Candace Owens, the last thing you would think about is Britney Spears. However, recently the paths have crossed making some kind of wild multi-verse just happen.

In a recent discussion, Candace Owens spoke up about Britney Spears. She stated how Britney Spears was put on lithium as a type of control, and it has altered her brain leading to recent outbursts. Britney has spoken out about the lithium use in the past as well. Candace would then go on to say that Britney being forced to take lithium is just flat out wrong.

What makes this even more of a wicked fever dream is that Candace would then go on to talk about conspiracy theories surrounding Britney Spears. She then encourages viewers to go check out all of the theories surrounding Britney on TikTok.

Some of the theories that surround the pop star are that she’s dead, she’s a robot, her face has changed, her forehead has changed, she was replaced with a clone, and also that any new music of hers is all A.I. generated and she never actually recorded any of the music at all. This is a huge blow to Elton John, obviously.

Check out the video below and come up with what you think. Do you agree that Britney is different now? Is she a clone? It’s all hard to say unless we asked her one on one, but something tells me that it would be a very hard booking to get at this point in time.

In any regard, it’s still free Britney and we hope that she continues to get better and get any help that she needs.