Keanu Reeves Reveals Truth About Grunge Music


After a two-decade hiatus, the enigmatic band Dogstar is making a much-anticipated comeback to the rock scene, sending fans into a frenzy of excitement. In an exclusive interview with Variety, the band’s frontman, Keanu Reeves, passionately refuted the longstanding misconception that Dogstar belonged to the ‘grunge’ genre during the 90s.

“We were never a grunge band. Dogstar never chased a sound; we never chased being like anybody else. And we certainly weren’t grunge, ever,” Reeves vehemently declared, firmly putting to rest any mischaracterizations that may have clouded the band’s true essence.

As reported by Rockstar Celebrities – But how would Keanu define Dogstar’s sound? Rather than yielding to conventional labels, he boldly presented his own take on the matter. “We have guitars. It’s rock songs… I do want to call it indie pop rock folk,” Reeves revealed, providing a fresh and eclectic perspective on the band’s musical identity.

With their upcoming album, ‘Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees,’ slated for release on October 6th, Dogstar is poised to captivate audiences once more with their unique brand of musical wizardry. The band’s decision to reunite after all these years was not merely a nostalgic yearning but a profoundly creative endeavor. In an interview with Kyle Meredith, Keanu shared the heartfelt reasons behind their reunion.

“It’s been fun, it’s been really creative, and for me, it’s super special to be able to play music with these guys,” Keanu expressed with genuine enthusiasm. The years apart may have changed them individually, but the collective magic that has always defined Dogstar remains an indomitable force. Keanu reflected, “We’ve all changed a lot, but there is a lot of us; a lot about us is the same, but there’s also a lot different musically, and I can speak for myself, more time with the instruments, so it was just really cool to see, kind of present where we are now.”

The band’s new single, ‘Everything Turns Around,’ accompanied by a mesmerizing music video, offers a tantalizing glimpse of the musical journey that awaits their devoted fan base. The song, a testament to their evolution and growth, marks their first release in an astonishing 23 years, leaving listeners eager for the forthcoming album.

As Dogstar breaks free from the constraints of labels and conventions, their unwavering dedication to artistic integrity and sonic exploration promises to create an unparalleled musical experience for both loyal fans and newcomers alike. With ‘Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees,’ Dogstar reminds us all that their presence in the rock world is both timeless and transcendent. So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a musical odyssey like no other, as Dogstar takes center stage once again, ready to reclaim their place in the annals of rock history.